Bullet Through The Frey

by The Knowing

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Hello & welcome to THE KNOWING Bandcamp page.

Thanks for taking the time to show interested in our creative project!

Its great to have you come this far!

Very Important!

First off you'll see our Song "Bullet Through The Frey" for just $1 dollar! To pop this track on BC we need to price it at something so BC receive their 10% for their great service & distribution platform. Thanks BC you rock!

Anyway lets talk about art and the selling of music before YOU think about buying our track "Bullet Through The Frey".

The music world & business is in a state of flux especially for musicians who create music. It has become increasing difficult to make a living from music because of file sharing, and people downloading music for free (when it is not being offered for free!).
For us in 'The Knowing' we value our music and all we do to create & get the music to you for your enjoyment!

It can be hard to quantify music or art, and in some ways it may be devaluing it by merely placing an arbitrary financial value on (the) creation.

What do we mean by this statement?

Well we in 'The Knowing' are very conscious that to protect the living breathing creative essence of the creative artist, given the world works in Dollars & Cents most of the time. It is our philosophy that to devalue creation itself or to put a PRICE CAP on any art takes away control & only disempowers the other conscious living breathing being "YOU" who is interested in investing your energy into the creation.

All in 'The Knowing' have worked extremely hard, spent time & legal tender (money) to produce what it is you hear before you. We are proud of our musical expression & work!

For us we feel it's extremely important that YOU determine the value & set a price for the Song leaving it in your capable hands to decide for yourself if the art, Song is worth anything at all!

You've heard the old saying that art is in the eye or in the this case the "Ears & vibrational feelings of the beholder" right!

Think about it for a minute! If I was to say to you "How much are you worth, You…a part of creation what would you say? What price would you put or set on your head? Well we at 'The Knowing' would hope their would be NO such price or monetary value attached because this only puts you in some kind of price box, contract and many know how this feels right? But once again considering the people of the earth use for now exchange of currency to live, breath and create the art, the process itself ends up costing the living conscious being..fact!

At the end of the day what we are speaking to here is an exchange of energy, both our energy and we at 'The Knowing' hope its your will and understanding to protect art and the creation of music.

Holding the integrity and value of ALL art/music supports the wellbeing of song writers/artists & the whole music community.
The function of the artist/musician has always been to express aspects of society that need to be questioned, expressed, revisited, or explored. This integral part of society is now being silenced through the monopolisation of oligarch corporate interests, or summed up as a Pimp Ocracy!

In short we want to keep creating, writing & expressing our thoughts through our music. The survival of imagination is vital & your help is very much needed! We invite you to choose a value for our Music, our Song accordingly.

All the very best & much gratitude for your support.

Enjoy the music!

The Knowing

Trizo, Cail, Lucius.


'Bullet Through The Frey' Digging a little deeper conveys the same potent message as it's thought-provoking predecessor, Haunted By Me. Both tracks were cut from the same cloth and share the same similar narrative.

Bullet Through The Frey, once again written from the perspective of what we call Mother Earth, boldly addresses the fragility of our land, environment and the negative impact of the recklessly unconscious mind.

It is a chilling reminder of the catastrophic price the human race will pay if we don't wake up and stand together against negligent governments and avaricious, ruthless corporations whom simply don't give a fuck about our earth or its future generations.


released June 25, 2015
Produced By Tristan Bouillaut & Lucius Borich
Mixed By Bernie Wedrat
Mastered By Maor Appelbaum



all rights reserved


The Knowing Sydney, Australia

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